Dundalk Cricket Club’s Facilities Vandalised

Dundalk Cricket Club Pitch Vandalised During Lockdown!

A “senseless” act of vandalism was carried out at Dundalk Cricket Club overnight. The Hiney Park-based club is extremely disappointed with the damage that was done to the pitch last night (5th June). Like many sports teams around the town, the club was looking forward to being able to welcome members back as the Covid-19 restrictions are eased. However, they have been disgusted and dismayed with the attack on the pitch. During the lockdown, the pitch was protected with tarpaulin and metal sheets, which were removed and a section of the pitch cut out with a knife.“It’s dreadful, with the easing of the restrictions being announced, we were looking forward to being able to get back into action”, said a club spokesperson.

“We’re a small club and this sort of senseless damage will have a really big impact on us. We’re appealing to anyone who has any information that could help us to come forward.”CCTV is being collected and the matter has been reported to An Garda Síochána.